E-mail: cs@highstreet5.com.my with "HS5 Free Installation DVD" in the Subject Line and include your Name and Address in the e-mail.

SMS: HS5<space>Name<space>Address, send to 012-950-7795

Patch Download:

Latest Patch Update (v0.211-v0.212): 7.02MB

Release Date: 2015-09-29

Patch MD5 Checksum:


Do NOT install the update patch or v0.212 Full Game Client before the server upgrade on September 29th, 2015. If you install beforehand, you will not be able to enter the game until the server upgrade is over.

Bittorrent Download

Download Accelerator:FlashGetEmuleBT

HighStreet 5 Red Valentine Version

Game Client : 5140MB


Download all four files into the same folder and run the file "HighStreet_5_setup_MY_0.205.exe" to begin installation.

Part1 MD5 Checksum:


Part2 MD5 Checksum:


Part3 MD5 Checksum:


Part4 MD5 Checksum:


Client MD5 Checksum

Please detect file integrity of the game patch or game client you downloaded with the WinMD5.exe file. If you encounter any problem running the game patch or client, please RE-DOWNLOAD the patch or client OR contact us for assistance.

Detect File Integrity with MD5 Checksum

MD5 Download

If You Installed the Patch Early...

If you installed the patch early and cannot enter the game, you can:

Wait until the server update on September 29th to play HighStreet 5

Re-download the current client at the Download Page.

Do not install the patch ahead of time to avoid possible problems.