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Join HS5 Trivia Quiz for Awesome Prizes!

Date : 2012-6-1 Author: HS5 MY

Dear HighStreet 5 Players,


Want cool outfits, accessories and faces for FREE? Join the Trivia Quiz at HS5’ Facebook fan page to get value from your extensive knowledge of the game!


The quiz is no more difficult than naming the name of in-game items, so if you have a good grasp of major game features and item functions of HS5, you should be able to take home some very cool items!


The Quiz runs 3 rounds every day between 2nd and 8th June, 2012 on the HS5’s fan page on Facebook.



1.     Format: Each round, GM posts an in-game screenshot and a question about it with eligibility for the prize. Please refer to the example below for illustration:





Question: Please state the exact name of the crown worn by the character in the screenshot. The 1st player who submits the correct answer will win the prize.


2.     Participants should provide their character names when submitting their answers.

3.     Reward: Prize winners will be rewarded with the 7-Day edition of the items shown in the screenshots used for the Quiz. (Note: In the case of the prize item being gender-specific, the winner will receive one that is compatible to the gender of the character shown in the screenshot.) 

4.     Quiz questions will be about: Faces, Hats, Tops, Pants, Shoes, Suits, Glasses, Accessories for Hands and Ears.

5.     Prizes will be delivered in the game within 2 to 3 working days after each round.


Grand Prize: Players who win a total of 5 rounds (or above) will each receive a 7-Day ‘Professional’ title.


Note: the 7-day 'Professional' title will disappear when you equip other title.



1.     GM reserves the rights to the explanation and amendment of the details of this event.

2.     GM's decision shall be final and no appeals shall be entertained.

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