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Crazy 30%-OFF for In-Game Items

Date : 2012-6-1 Author: HS5 MY

Dear HighStreet 5 Players,


Sure you know a bargain when you see one: all consumables in the Store are being offered at a big 30% discount for a limited time to welcome the Summer Gathering update.


Time & Date: 12:00 5th June – 10:00 12th June 1, 2012

Venue: In-Game Store


If you haven’t compiled your shopping list yet, perhaps you can consider these recommendations:


1.     Wings Scratch Cards for those who covet these Wings designs.


2.     Motorcycle Scratch Cards for those who are keen on these various motor vehicles.


3.     Various Treasure Boxes for those who think they are lucky.


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HighStreet 5 Team


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